Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Important Note

Hey everybody,

I hope all of yall are having a better afternoon/day then I. I just wanted to say that if anyone has a graphix journal that i do not have the link to or have been in please leave your link so i can put it into my "other journals" section because i love tagging but i love collecting also. I am looking for some new creators and taggers that havent been exposed or linked in my journal and something new people always need something different :)

The requirements: the only requirements is that you leave YOUR link to your GRAPHICS journal in the comment section or email it to me. The Creations in YOUR journal MUST be YOUR CREATIONS and not anyone ELSES just what YOU made.

Or if you have a FRIENDS journal that isnt linked in my journal and you want displayed send me that persons LINK by COMMENT or EMAIL. And it MUST be your FRIENDS own CREATIONS.

P.S. I dont mean every last thing because in psp people use tubes that they get from others site and backgrounds and stuff i just mean the tags outcome is by you or your friend and its their own style and originality nothing stolen.


chillininjville said...

=) you got mine! Hope your day gets better hun! I also have some more new tubes for you....send them later when I locate what folder I put them in. I have NOT forgot about your mask tut....been a little sick lately and have a terrible migraine today


nightmaremom said...

Hope you feel better soon!  You have my tag journal, but feel free to add the other one it is full and some are snaggable with credit given :)
thanks and hugs to you


jckfrstross said...

I hope you are feeling a little better:)


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I so hope you are feeling better.  Can't wait til you are doing better.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers.  I think it is great that you are checking out new people as well.  Your rock girl.  Hugs TerryAnn.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

I have one but my graphix suck. It's the same link. I just changed it to Sazzy Kreationz but it's still the same link.
Hope you are well.