Monday, March 27, 2006

Tag offer "Elliptical Feedback"


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I think this is my first non animated tag i put up for offering. Please leave the name you want on the tag and the email address you want me to send it to. Seems like my creativity is back a lil bit. I love the feedback tool i just never used it as you can see its more of her fading further and further thats what the feedback tool does and i like how it turned out.

Cherry presents....


"True Felicity"

Cherry Presents.....Sazzy Kreationz. Home of Dianna aka Sazzylilsmartazz.

Dianna is one of my most biggest and best friends i have and when i seen this tag i thought "yeah its time to show her off" She hasnt been PSP'ing long but this tag shows alot of veteran abilities that big time taggers display taggers such as vernea, angela (both) and angel and i admire this tag alot its one of my favorites and has to be the best! Go check out dianna's site if you like this tag.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Finally another graphic!

ANGELS OF COLOR- Not an offer


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I made this awhile ago(you can tell by the big "MBC" thats not my watermark anymore.) but i love it to death mainly because the angels are black children. Finding black tubes is "difficult" but when i recieved this i jumped outta my seat with happiness and ran with it. I have managed to find alot of AA tubes and every time i see one im excited to add it to my collection. This isnt an offer i just wanted to let yall know i am still taggin but still gettin myself together more to come soon.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Important Note

Hey everybody,

I hope all of yall are having a better afternoon/day then I. I just wanted to say that if anyone has a graphix journal that i do not have the link to or have been in please leave your link so i can put it into my "other journals" section because i love tagging but i love collecting also. I am looking for some new creators and taggers that havent been exposed or linked in my journal and something new people always need something different :)

The requirements: the only requirements is that you leave YOUR link to your GRAPHICS journal in the comment section or email it to me. The Creations in YOUR journal MUST be YOUR CREATIONS and not anyone ELSES just what YOU made.

Or if you have a FRIENDS journal that isnt linked in my journal and you want displayed send me that persons LINK by COMMENT or EMAIL. And it MUST be your FRIENDS own CREATIONS.

P.S. I dont mean every last thing because in psp people use tubes that they get from others site and backgrounds and stuff i just mean the tags outcome is by you or your friend and its their own style and originality nothing stolen.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Up and running SOON!

Hey Yall,

So sorry i havent updated in a while simply because i was forced to go over my grandpops house friday and didnt get back til sunday and now im in the hospital cuz of pain. So i will be up and running again soon until then just know that this journal is still active. I hope to get home to my computer so i can make some more lovely graphics and just enjoy MY computer lol. Please dont send me any kind of forwards or chain letters or junk because i will start blocking them i repeat i am in the HOSPITAL and cant check my mail as OFTEN as i would like too. and i am also in a group and they will remove me if i have a FMB (FULL MAILBOX). But i will appreciate all your comments to my journal you wont be denied of that :)

 thanks for listening ~cherry~

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Information 4 U!


I got a lot of comments wondering what program i was using and etc.

The program i use is called paint shop pro i am using version 7 it comes in many versions but i like 7 best. I also compliment paintshop pro with animation shop it is another program made by jasc and my  animation shop is what i use to animate my graphics its where i go to put the finishing touches on it.

You can get it from best buy and any where else even on line. i have an extensive collection of plug-ins to do different things to my image and to make my image different plug-ins, tubes, fonts, templates, masks, gradients, patterns, etc can be downloaded on numerous sites online especially made for paintshop pro. Not every tube works for every version and the site would let u know which can be used for which version.

Again if you seriously want to get into psp the program is called paint shop pro and animation shop. You can join a psp group and they have links where u can download the program for $ FREE. 99! lol FREE period so search for a group or search for the program to buy it.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Mask Tutorial

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I made this tutorial simply because of my friend angela its a tut on how to make masks.

Step 1. Pick a Picture you would like to turn into a mask.  

Image Hosted by

Step 2. On your image hold down the shift key and tap the d key to duplicate and you should have a second image; close the original one. *Note- you dont have to duplicate the image if you dont want to I only did it for insurance that i wouldnt ruin my original picture by an accident.*

Image Hosted by

Step 3. Now go to colors and click it for the drop down menu than scroll down to the adjust then click brightness/contrast,

Image Hosted by

a box should pop-up. Set the brightness to -225 then set the contrast to 69, click OK.  Your image should be black like mines.

Image Hosted by

Step 4. Go up to masks and scroll to new, then click from image,

Image Hosted by

a box should pop-up and in the drop down menu select "this window" make sure source luminace is checked and also make sure invert data mask is checked Click OK.

Step 5. Go back up to masks and now you should see its a disk at the bottom of the menu and it says "save to disk" click it and a save box should come up.

Image Hosted by

Save it as any name you want and in your masks folder or where ever you save your masks at and your DONE! Your mask can now be used like any other mask! Now close your picture u will be prompted and asked if you want to save changes to the image or what not click no because you already saved your mask in your folder. 

*Note- you dont have to go to save to disk you can save it as .jpg like any other image and put it with the rest of your masks.*

Tutorial by Cherry :)