Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Guardian angel

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This is a tag i made for my mom a tag i made early in my psp days and i love it. I just ran with it i didnt know what i was doing with the star shapes or how to put her name on the small image and what font would fit and after three hours this was my result. I remember getting kicked out a few groups mostly because of my multiple requests for black tubes and when i recieved this beauty i knew she lit up the heavens she is the most gorgeous angel i have ever seen and breaks the stereotypes. i used a beautiful mask on this (the edges are the mask) and i used a marble type gradient affect or what ever. Then in the back it kinda looks like a spider web i used a plugin for that effect. the font is called "angel lust" i believe and i love that font and the fill is basically a dove floatie that i filled the text with as if it was glitter. She kept harrassing me to make her one she just wanted it to want one and pest me cuz i keep to myself in the house and she hates it that im quiet but i figured she needed a guardian angel if she keeps gettin on my nerves LMAO!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Whats up, been a while i know right now i dont have a huge delicious graphic to display instead i brought it to you in bite size!

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Yes i created this i forgot where i got the blinkie template but im so happy right now i dont even care!! i think it looks awesome and i didnt even use a tutorial simply because i had an idea of how the blinkies worked anyway and it came out right. If yall want it yall can have it i came,i saw, i conquered the blinkie with all my creativity its kinda dry but i dont care. I dont think i like making blinkies so this will probably be the last one you ever see Enjoy the plump cherries.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Canceled,pulled, done!

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Well I had stated on creator of the week which would be on the weekend that i would pimp someones graphics journal. The first was Angel's but i did that on my own because i wanted to start the cycle i had wanted yall to submit an email to me about your psp style,experiences, why you like it, how long you have been into it, a little history about your journal and everything else plus a picture that i could put up in my journal so they could see one of your lovely graphics but i didnt receive anything last week end so i figured i would pull the plug on this activity on my journal i thought people would appreciate it because they want to see other journals but i guess not. So Creator Of The Week is no longer part of this journal unless someone would like this activity and others would like for their graphics journals to get pimped this saturday coming up.

My daily commenters let me know what you think about this activity and wether you would like to experience other psp journals as well. Until then i guess its off. I was actually excited about it and i feel crushed that no one wanted to participate but hey good night folks.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Take a walk on the wildside~offer

TAG OFFER: Take a walk on the wildside EXP 2/23

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Hey yall!! Do ya miss me? I sure hope so. Im sorry i have been real sick the past few days and i needed to rest my eyes because they were killing me and sometimes it felt like electric shocks were going through them. So with out any further explanations here is my tag offer for those who requested the last tag i made them i just havent sent them again i have been sick so work with me :)  Please dont have me second guessing on where to send it leave an email address if you have an aol account dont bother leaving one i know where to send it :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

He loves me, he loves me not

  TAG OFFER: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not EXPIRED

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I couldnt think of a better saying for this tag it just said "duh im pickin the flowers off!" So i think if i would have put something else it wouldn't have fit like the "he loves me he loves me not. Its a tag offer and people please notice the expiration date..yall know ima sweet heart but dont use me!!! LOL. Please leave the name you want on it and place you would like me to send it.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Broken ~Not An Offer

I made this from a tut that was sent in my group but i didnt like the way it would end up orginally so i closed that site opened a new psp canvas and did it my way and i love it. As you can see it looks like broken glass and this is similar to the pieces of me tag in meaning again i was feeling shattered and sad when i made this but i put all my sadness and anger into this tag and it came out lovely.

Broken- Not An Offer

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*Sorry folks i wasnt thinking and didnt save the image so i could keep adding different names*

Monday, February 13, 2006

1,2 STEP!



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I made this tag a while ago, its not an offer but i may make exceptions ;-) Ciara's a fresh face in the hip hop game. She came out with her first hit titled "Goodies" Then backed it up with another bangin hit "1,2 STEP" teaching us a new dance and causing a new epidemic in the clubs. If you ever hear another female consider something on her body part as a goodie this is where it started and came from-  CIARA!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

ButterFlied~tag offer


*~ButterFlied~* EXPIRED

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*If you want this tagged leave your name and email address where you want it sent*

I called this butterflied because thats what it is i went crazy with the butterflies because it has wings and it takes flight like i did on my own when i started with PSP so this is one of my favorites and it shocked me at how lovely it turned out.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Creation Of The Week

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 It's Snowing like crazy outside and there is nothing better then snuggling up to the computer and journaling and experiencing and being able to communicate with some very talented people. This is the Creations Of The Week It was made by my good friend Angel. Some of you know her as AlilCountryCharm. Im not sure how long she has been psp'ng but i know she is very talented and currently working under a new name  so if you like this creation you should go check out some more of her work. Reminder she has started fresh so this will not be in her new journal but others will. Go stop by and see her amazing tags :) Just go to her journal the image is coming up with red x's and imageshack is acting up and wont load so.


If you psp, or use a program similar to it and would like your creations to be exposed and would liked to be pimped send me one of your tags you like most (for display) and your link and any information you would like other to know and you will get the next Saturday :)  (Work with me people !!!)

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Peices Of Me

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I made this tag to explain and express my feelings of how i felt of myself. I felt at times i was in peices and a jigsaw puzzle that was unsolvable because some pieces were missing. This is not an offer.

I've completed most of the offers i was surprised that i got requests and it turned out fine not to hectid like i thought it would be.

Deb, Marina, and Lainey your requests have been made and sent. I do remove them from my computer soon i send them so im sorry if something goes wrong with your computer but there is no way i can get the deleted files back. I thought of deleting them after yall said thanks but i changed my mind my computer is real slow any free space is necessary ;-) hope you like them. Angela, dianna, jen, and purely poetry your request will be sent by tommorrow :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

First Tag Offer

Oh my god im excited and scared at the same time. This is my very first tag offer and i need you people to work with me know. Im still a newbie but willing to make this tag for yall. This offer will expire soon :)

Leave the name you want on it and the address i can send it to. I will send as an attachment sometimes the email makes the pictures look horrible. (And if you dont like the dots on the main swing gurl all the way to your right i can remove them and have her looking normal :)

Tropical Dream Swings *EXPIRED*

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

~*~*Fresh Chocolate&Cherries*~*~

Welcome to my new journal. Many of you have heard me mention creating a journal like this for months now and i finally decided to. My first hold up was the side bar i wanted a special sidebar for my new journal something that said chocolate and cherries at the same time.I've had jess make me a sidebar for my main journal which is Just Getting It off My Chest! Which is gorgeous. She lost her creations and said she would make a different one that i was going to use for this journal but then something hit me. I met Mrs. Sazzy who kept saying i should go ahead and make my journal so i decided to give a sidebar a try. I tried getting help from roxy but i changed my mind and wanted it "my way" Like Usher.Im not a tagger im just a creator sometimes i might say i will make it for yall if i can but i stay sick so this is just a hobby but every now and then i might spoil yall in goodies ..Chocolate cherried goodies that is. I have alot of work to do with this journal such as putting up other links to other blessed creators like jess,sazzy, roxy and many others.

Its Only right that my first Entry would be of the sidebar i created.                                

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