Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gay (SAC) *Expired*

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This Expired Early.

It's Funny how the world reacts when someone or something isn't like them. I'm Down for gay pride there is only one judge and thats god so worry about your own life.

Thats just my thought all together. Since then i wanna give out some shout outs to my friends who aren't like me and dont share the same Sexual orientation.  Aretha girl i see you if you still want this tag just hit me up and let me know.

Russ Baby i luv you to death you give out the best advice keep being you and don't let know one change what you like or what you want and don't change for nobody!

My cousins enjoy your life.

We all humans.

No people no nasty comments was sent or emailed to me about this tag its just what i wanted to say i sat and watched the comments compared to the other tags so i wrote this lol how you hate something you know nothing about its not directed towards anyone and if i offended..theres an x at the top of the page click it.

I love gay people because unlike straight and so called holy they dont judge people because they know they are not in a good position to judge someone. This is actually my favorite tag i created because its daring its odd its what people DONT want to see and everyone knows me im all about being me im all about being CHERRY.

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