Sunday, January 20, 2008

PSP Issues

Sorry Folks but at the moment I cant tag anymore tags im having problems with my PSP and until i get it fixed i cant make tags. Sorry for the mishap. See ya soon.


jjdolfin9 said...

Thanks for letting everyone know.  I'm sorry you are having trouble and hope things are fixed for you soon.  We will miss you.
Hugs, Joyce

nay0114 said...

Sorry that is so fraustrating. Hope you are back and working again soon.
Take care, Chrissie

nightmaremom said...

Yeeeeeeeeeouzer... sorry to hear... hope you get it resolved and quick.

queenb8261 said...

No problems. Hey are you using 9.0 or aol 9.1? AOL keeps nagging me to install it and I have heard nothing but bad about 9.1.
Have a good week.
Hugs Barb  

doclove64 said...

Hope you get it fixed and back up and running right soon.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))Not a problem.I hope it gets fixed soon.

eyesbaerle said...

Sorry to hear about your problems. Hope you will be able to fix it soon.
Will miss you! Good luck! Hugs, Maria

chat2missie said...

Hope you can get it fixed soon!  A couple of months ago I had to uninstall and reinstall.  What a pain in the butt!  

ma24179 said...

I must have skipped over this entry some how but apparently you have it fixed! :) -Missy