Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I Was Hoping i didn't have to actually write some of the rules that were required in my group into my journal. Well now i was left no choice. Read and follow my rules on each tag offer i'd appreciate it.

Rules For Requesting My Work

2 Tags Per Person, No Exceptions!

Real Names And Nicknames is the only thing going on my tags. You request a name like this: JEsSiCA and you will recieve: Jessica.

8 Letters Per Name!

No Random Words, Saying, Symbols Or Numbers.

Do Not Edit My Tag In Any Way What So Ever Such As: Cropping, Resizing, Adding/Editing The Fonts Or Color, And Don't Ask Me To.

*Using Fotki*

You Will be sent a Pick-Up Link to fotki WEBSITE where your tags will be. If your mailbox is full i will attempt to send it the next day and after that it will be removed from my computer.  

Click the Link and Locate Your Tag Once Located Click Your Tag So It Can Be It's Full Size Then Right Click And Save As. If The Tag Is Animated Please Right Click And Save As .GIF To Do So Just Simply Type .GIF after the Tags File Name. DO NOT CHANGE MY FILE NAME AT ALL.

My Tags Do Have An Expiration Date Usually Within Two Weeks.



ma24179 said...

Hmmm another tag journal :) I love you guys. It's so cool of you all to do what you do! Rules are understandable. Thanks for stopping by. I will add you to my alerts. -Missy http://journals.aol.com/ma24179/MISSYZSTUFF

jjdolfin9 said...

I think you have to set rules doing what you do.  Too many people will take advantage of you if you don't.  Most people appreciate the work you do and are thoughtful in their requests, but you will always have those that are not.  Keep on keeping on.  You do nice work.
Hugs, Joyce

tampa0503 said...

My Bad!  Sorry for the long S/N, on your last...just Bethe.  Sorry.

valphish said...

Diama, I didn't realize you had this journal.  I will put you on alerts!  Youa re very talented!  Hugs, Val xox