Sunday, February 12, 2006

ButterFlied~tag offer


*~ButterFlied~* EXPIRED

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*If you want this tagged leave your name and email address where you want it sent*

I called this butterflied because thats what it is i went crazy with the butterflies because it has wings and it takes flight like i did on my own when i started with PSP so this is one of my favorites and it shocked me at how lovely it turned out.


jckfrstross said...

Raises Hand me please lol


nightmaremom said...

Your work is wonderful!  Great job

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Tag this one with the name Trista for me if you would.  It is my oldest daughters name.  She was in dance in high school and college.  TerryAnn

jess3dragonfly3 said...

Ugh I haven't been getting alerts on your journal! I'm so glad I checked have some really cute tags here!


jmoqueen said...

Hi Cherry - I like your graphics :-)  Dropping by to say hello as Lainey told me all about your journal.   I shall stop by again.  Hope your enjoying j-land.

Jen xx

doclove64 said...

Great job. Keep up the wonderful work.

blondepennierae said...

Hi Cherry, My link wasn't bad, my typing was.  That's what happens when you type fast and don't proof read afterwards.  Sorry about that.  It was nice hearing from you though.  Your butterfly is beautiful.  It's all about my favorite color and a sense of freedom.  Pennie

xxroxymamaxx said...

It's beautiful.   I have put this journal on alerts 2 times and I'm still nto getting them.  lol  HOpefully, third times a charm.   GBU, Shelly

jlocorriere05 said...

Could I have this please with Jeannette on, it's absolutely dazzling!! Thanks Jeannette.

starlightgraphix said...

It's Gorgeous! Me please ;o)

angel4ever9213 said...

I would like this tagged with Angel and plz send it to thx